My Favorite Feeling!

I don’t have a favorite season, I have a favorite feeling!



Hey She’s From Illinois!

Guilty as charged Mr. Brett Eldredge! I have met Mr. Brett Eldredge so many times that he knows I am from Illinois and that my sister is always there with me. Well this past weekend, my sis and I did not go to the meet and greet together so let’s just say Brett was a little confused! Sorry Brett, didn’t mean to confuse you! I promise she was there, she just had to go meet Chase Rice again! As always y’all both put on one hell of a show! And thanks to Brett for talking to me for a while even after security tried to kick me out…again! You’re such a sweetheart! Can’t wait till April 11th! It can’t come soon enough! They were just jealous that you spent more time talking to me than to them! But I’m sooooo much nicer than them! Until next time Brett!


And I’ll Be What You Mean To Me

Lately I have been pretty stressed out! I’ve been going back and forth on some pretty big life decisions. I’ve been struggling with the what ifs and the could bes and the regret that would follow. I had a wise friend tell me these simple words, it will be ok! He also told me that I still have plenty of life ahead of me to accomplish anything that I want to! He instantly changed my mood! I hope y’all have someone like this who can say something so simple but yet make you seem all your problems will be gone and everything will be ok. I’m so lucky to have him in my life!

All You Gotta Do Is Read The Signs



So I know this is a tad over due but I have been really busy with Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend!  Lets just say that Brett Eldredge was again as always pretty darn amazing live!  He always sounds really good and always performs with so much energy.  Me and my sister went to the show with a couple of friends and had the time of our lives!  We got to hang with Brett and chat with him before the show!  He is so down to earth and the biggest sweetheart that I know!  One thing that I have learned from going to all these concerts is that I can truly say all the artists that I see just love performing!  Brett went out into the crowd while singing “Don’t Ya” and the crowd went wild!  He also has the nicest band!  Have to say that as soon as the show was done, we wanted to immediately go to another show!  As hard as we tried to find one, we could not find one within a sane distance to Nashville, so we will have to settle on seeing him live on New Year’s Eve! I cannot wait to see him again!  After that I guess we are going to have to wait till he goes out on tour with Chase Rice and Billy Currington! It’s gonna be epic!  Lastly the thing that I love the most about Brett’s performance is that I can feel the emotion he is going thru while singing that specific song.  There are a couple of songs that he performs that give me chills and makes me wanna cry and jump on stage and give him a great big hug.  I would do that but I don’t want to get kicked out of the show before it even starts!  I guess the hug during the meet and greet will have to do! 😉 Look for my next post about the Canaan Smith and Love and Theft show I went to not too long ago! 

Ready, Set, Let’s Roll!

First concert of the week was a success! Chase Rice put on an absolutely freaking amazing show! He has so much energy bouncing from one side of the stage to the other! He sounded amazing and puts so much of his soul into each and every song he sings! And of course we met him and he couldn’t have been nicer or sweeter! He is pretty hilarious if you ask me! By meeting Chase today, I learned that he thinks my name is pretty cool and that he hates being wrong when spelling peoples names. He wishes we could all be named Sarah which still could lead to the question is it spelled with or without a h! Oh well we will give Mr. Chase Rice the benefit of the doubt! So all in all, my sis had an amazing time tonight! Can’t wait to see Mr. Brett Eldredge on Saturday!


Lovin Life

This week has been pretty epic so far, and I have so much more to look forward to! Sunday, I got to meet Jake Owen! This was my first celeb sighting since moving to Nashville! He is super sweet and we talked about a show I went to! Love that he took the time to talk. I was so nervous and some of the interaction with him is kinda a blackout! But none the less it was pretty darn amazing! Yesterday my sister and I got to go to a free Brett Eldredge show and we got to meet him again!! I kept my rivalry with him by letting him write “Go Tigers!” In my autograph book! We grew up about 20 minutes from each other so yeah it’s pretty cool! Tonight we are in Birmingham, AL to see Chase Rice and we get to meet him! Saturday we are going to see Mr. Brett again! I cannot wait!! Then to cap off an amazingly epic week and a half, we are road tripping back to our stomping grounds of the Midwest to see Love and Theft and Canaan Smith!! I’m gonna be on such a high after Wednesday but I am so ready to have some fun! I learned if you wanna do something just go and do it cause tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us! I’ll keep y’all updated on the next week by posting pictures!! Stay tuned!! I’ll be back later, gotta go meet Chase Rice! Have a good Thursday night y’all! I know I will!